Elephant Feeding


Meet these gentle giants, mix their specialised food and feed them

500 THB

300 THB child 4-9

Elephant Bathing


Take the elephants for a nice splashing mud bath, prepare their food and feed them

2,200 THB

1,800 THB child 4-9

Elephant Care


Get to know our elephants, take them for a mud bath, give them a delicious meal and learn more about the history and habits of Asian elephants

3,400 THB

2,200 THB child 4-9

Welcome to the jungle

Khaolak Elephant Home is a 900RAI large elephant rehabilitation and retirement home in Khao Lak. The home was started in 2018 by Ching and his friend, a mahout who owned several elephants and was looking for a quiet place where they could live. They built the sanctuary with the vision of creating a place where elephants can come and live either for rehabilitation or to retire and where people can come and meet and learn about these beautiful creatures. The home keeps very high standards and no riding is allowed.

Hope you come and visit us soon and thank you for your support!

Contact us for more information or to book

info@khaolakelephanthome.com  or call 089-729-2251