The Covid-19 Crisis and Our Elephants 

The corona pandemic has disrupted life on our planet on an unprecedented scale. The virus has caused havoc, sadness, loneliness and uncertainty amongst all human societies.

There in Thailand our borders to the outside world are closed and even travelling outside our province of Phang Nga is severely restricted. It is a time of hardship for us all and with the forced closure of our Elephant Home our elephants are in dire need for some extra help.


Kid feeding elephant

Covid-19 has cut our ability to provide for the elephants in our care. Under normal circumstances we can operate our elephant home providing excellent care, protection and healthy food for our 13 elephants with the ethically run programs we offer here.

Elephant food

The lush vegetation around Khao Lak during our rainy season offers some sustenance for the elephants but it is not enough. Khao Lak Elephant Home needs to purchase food, dietary supplements and veterinary supplies to keep the animals in our care fit and healthy.

mahout and elephant

We also need to support our Mahouts who watch over our elephants around the clock. Their unconditional love and care for their animals is never in doubt, but they also have families to provide for during these uncertain times. We also have to care for those who care for our elephants.

Please keep us well fed during the COVID-19 CRISIS

We are 13 elephants at Khao Lak Elephant Home and we eat a lot, like really A LOT !

We need 30-40 kilograms of mixed fruit, grass and food supplements for each elephant everyday.

We are not greedy, we’re just BIG ANIMALS with BIG APPETITES, please show us your big heart 🙂


How Can You Help?

mahout caring for elephant


Donate and support Khao Lak Elephant Home to help feed our elephants, provide dietary supplements, veterinary care and support our Mahouts and their families.

During the Covid-19 crisis every penny counts. Small donations, large donations, regular donations or even tiny donations will all go to help our elephants. 100% of what we receive will be used to directly benefit our animals.

elephant eating in the jungle

Fund Raisers

Fund raisers are a great way to support our elephants. As well as generating much needed funds for our Elephant Home, fund raisers also create awareness and bring elephants in need further into the spotlight.

We need help from our previous guests badly but if fund raisers get other individuals interested we can hopefully realise our goal of providing for our elephants with the happiness and care they deserve.

Please contact us NOW to HELP OUR ELEPHANTS

We have set-up an account with Transferwise to easily and securely transfer donations to Thailand with minimal expense and complications.

Tune in for Regular Up-Dates

Check-out our new Khao Lak Elephant Home YouTube Channel which is dedicated to bringing you up-dates from our sanctuary, news about money raised and most importantly, videos of our wonderful elephants.


Elephant care team

Our Elephant Care Team.


A Huge Thank You

For everyone who has donated to Khao Lak Elephant Home, we really can not thank you enough.

Your kindness during these difficult times is greatly appreciated and we are forever in your debt.

We thank you from the bottom or our hearts.

I Want to Donate

We use TranserWise to receive donations. TransferWise offers safe and secure money transfers from any currency to Thai Baht whilst charging the least fees (in our opinion).

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