Introducing KOYAH

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About Me

Female           4 months 200kg








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My Life So Far…

I’m Koyah and I am the youngest of all the elephants here at Khao Lak Elephant Home. I still live with my mum, Yui, as I am still only 4 months old. My favourite food is the natural vegetation around our home. I love to play too. The older elephants and mahouts say I am naughty but mummy tells me it’s okay, all elephant kids are naughty. I really, really like to swim and to run around the lawn at our home, as long as my mum is not too far away.

Life Goals

I want to grow into a strong elephant, like the other elephants here in Khao Lak. I am really lucky to have a mahout who has been caring for me since I was born. He always makes sure I am in great health. Right now I am so happy hanging out with my mum but if I get older I would like to be more independent and not always need her watching over me when I go for a swim. I guess I will try to behave better in the future but right now it’s fun being naughty.

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