• Yui

    Yui is the second elephant we rescued to bring to Khao Lak Elephant Home.

  • Wadsana

    Wadsana is the 1st elephant that we rescued.

  • Thungthong

    Thungthong can get touchy sometimes. Bananas is her favorite

  • Sandee

    Sandee is a relatively new elephant at Khao Lak Elephant Home. We rescued her just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Thailand.

  • Ruangthong

    We rescued Ruangthong during Covid-19 time.

  • Namwan

    Namwan has a really charming yet calm character. She adores the people who take care her. From her previous work in the elephant show she has the most beautiful way of saying hello to guests.

  • Goryah


    Goryah loves swimming and playing around with sand. Bananas are her favourite.

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Our Elephants

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Our Old Ladies

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Samlee is a 60 years old female elephant who came to us from an elephant riding camp. In her life she has worked hard in the jungle moving rocks and was used for elephant riding for 40 years. While working in the jungle she had an accident and she lost her ear and tail and after so many years of carrying the riding seat she also has problems with her back and pain in her legs. She is blind on one eye because of a bacteria infection she got while working that no one took care of. Now she can’t work anymore. She came to live at Khaolak Elephant Home in October 2018.

We pay her owner 40,000 baht/month to keep her here and 8,000 – 10,000 baht/month for her medical examinations and drugs.

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Dokkeaw is also a female elephant. She is 55 years old and came to Khaolak Elephant home in November 2018. She also came from an elephant riding camp and similarly to Samlee she suffered from an untreated infection that made her blind on both eyes.

We pay her owner 30,000 baht/month to keep her here and 8,000 – 10,000 baht/month for medical examinations and drugs.